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The Rocky & Rosie Russian River Mud Run

By: MediaConnect / 01 Apr 2016
The Rocky & Rosie Russian River Mud Run
Get ready to test your athletic skills in a Sonoma County tradition that will leave you breathless and having the time of your life. The Rocky & Rosie Russian River Mud Run takes you on a winding route through the diverse and challenging landscape of wine country. Race through wooded trails, wade through beautiful rivers, and then prepare yourself to take your run to the next level. And yes, there will be plenty of mud along the way!
The obstacle courses take you inside long pipes, across fields of mud, and over walls of tires. Slide down the epic hillside trail on your stomach or back, and then wind down your race with a flourish through the final hurdles and the finish line. You might not be clean by the time it's over, but you'll certainly have a big smile on your face. This is one of the most exciting races around.
If you've never participated, these mud run races are unlike any other sporting event in California. Rest up the night before at our Tuscan-style getaway in Healdsburg. We are located only 15 minutes from the race location. The race takes place on April 3rd, and you can pick up your registration packet on April 2nd.

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