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Local Food & Wine Festival - Healdsburg Summer Events

By: MediaConnect / 23 Jun 2015
Local Food & Wine Festival - Healdsburg Summer Events

Summer Wine Festival & Healdsburg Tasting Event

All American Zin Day

Family Wineries
4791 Dry Creek Road

Saturday, June 27th


The Sonoma Valley is known across the world for its award-winning wines and organic culinary tradition. For one day this June, visitors are invited to taste some of the best the region has to offer at this exclusive wine festival. Healdsburg boasts an opportune location – surrounded by over 100 vineyards large and small – with a unique shop to enjoy it all in Family Wineries. Their carefully curated All American Zin Day promises to deliver some of the most pristine Zinfandels produced in the Valley, artfully paired with mouth-watering dishes. Participating local wineries and their culinary offerings include:

Family Wineries Dry Creek
Tri-Tip Steak
The host venue is actually a co-op tasting facility that unites six family-owned Sonoma Valley wineries. More than a wine shop, the space doubles as a country general store. Make sure to take your time and browse throughout the event.

Kokomo Winery
Pulled Pork
From 120 acres of Dry Creek Valley vineyards, oft-awarded Kokomo wines are wholly inspired by the area's unique terrain.

Skirt Steak
A California treasure known especially for their distinct Zinfandels, every bottle is its own flavorful adventure.

Rued Winery
BBQ Chicken Wings
The Rued family has been making wine in Sonoma County for over 130 years, imparting six generations of tradition into every glass.

Wilson Winery
Handmade Sausage
Housed in one of the Dry Creek Valley's oldest buildings, Wilson makes some of the most sought-after Zinfandels in the world.

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